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It's not uncommon for estimates from different body shops to vary wildly. One shop might give you an estimate for $500 while another wants $2,000 for the work. What's the difference? And when is it OK to choose the cheaper shop?

John Mallette, owner of Burke Auto Body & Paint, in Long Beach, California, knows better than most people how to choose a reliable shop. Mallette started working on cars when he was 12 years old and has been in the body shop business for 24 years. Here are some of his tips for choosing the right shop to work on your car — particularly when you're the one paying the bills.

  1. Pay Attention to Word-of-Mouth
  2. Consider the Operations's Location and Overhead
  3. Get Several Estimates
  4. Ask the Right Questions
  5. Follow Your Intuition

Source: (03/08/2011 by Phillip Reed, Senior Consumer Advice Editor)